Monday, October 20, 2014

The Identity Group Advertising Campaigns

I did these two sets of rough drawing for an advertising agency a few years ago .The first set (images 1 to  6 below) Were for a campaign launched by West Hills Hospital called "Stuff Happens". The idea was to promote there services for treating day to day injuries. The advertising company and I narrowed down the possibilities of stuff happening to sports then baseball and basketball. The ideas included baseball, injuries incurred as a bystander not paying attention, injuries incurred as a participant  not paying attention, defending your son. Basketball included slipping on a banana peel and colliding with the net. I did these sketches in an afternoon, we narrowed the possibilities down to two which I cleaned up and forwarded to an illustrator for final art production.  The second campaign (image 7  below) was for a company that wanted a Superman like super hero, They had a give away superhero ring the whole deal. What I like about these drawings, firstly images 1 to 6, and the reason I hung onto them, was the spontaneity. Quick, loose drawings that captured the situation, conveyed emotion and had a feeling of movement, much like sketches I did when we had "Gag Sessions" or "Story Sessions" in animation production. With image 7, I again liked the spontaneity, and the discovery that my life drawing skills were still intact was immensely satisfying; Glad I paid attention to my super hero comic books when I was a kid, It came in handy.